The Rushmore Film Society Presents…Cinematography Week!

raoul Coutard

This week The Rushmore Film Society presents Cinematography Week. From Monday 21st of September to Sunday the 27th I will be running daily profiles of my favourite cinematographers as well as offering my own thoughts on the state of the visual in contemporary cinema. When possible I will post videos of particularly exciting work, and links to interviews with those whose eyes guide our own.

For anybody interested in cinematography I recommend Arnold Glassman and Todd McCarthy’s excellent documentary Visions of Light (1992). Not only does it feature a mess of interviews with many of the greats, it is a super crash course in the technological advancements of cinema over the last century.

Here’s a quick taste of things to come.


3 thoughts on “The Rushmore Film Society Presents…Cinematography Week!”

  1. Steve! Must be you! How’s it going? Agreed, the opening of L’Année dernière à Marienbad is remarkable. I’m not surprised we picked the same wordpress theme as it was the only good looking one I saw. Great reviews man. Am still yet to see Bright Star, but eagerly wait.

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