Michael Mann Admits! Edward Hopper Is An Influence!

New York Movie

A few weeks back I posted a link to an article I co-wrote with my lecturer Tim Groves discussing the relationship between the American film director Michael Mann and the great painter Edward Hopper.

Coincidentally, in June Mann admitted to the influence of Edward Hopper on his recent film Public Enemies.

Below is the audio from an interview with Michael Mann…

Writing the piece there was never any evidence that Mann was influenced by Hopper so it’s great to hear the director himself validate our claim.

Once again, you can read the piece here…

Against the Flow of Time: Michael Mann and Edward Hopper


7 thoughts on “Michael Mann Admits! Edward Hopper Is An Influence!”

  1. Cool blog man, always got time for a Michael Mann fan. Anna Dzenis is writing some of the best stuff on Mann in my opinion. Same with Thoret. It’s amazing how many films Hopper has influenced in one way or another. Perhaps the most beautifully photographed film I have ever seen ‘Days of Heaven’ (shot by the great Nestor Almendros) is very indebted to Hopper. Recently ‘Tideland’ (not a picture I liked very much) evoked Hopper. Of course Wim Wenders also took his influence to an extreme when he recreated Nighthawks in ‘The End of Violence’. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  2. Yours blog is great too,I’m not a Michael Mann Fan,I’m a Michael Mann Supporter 😉
    Yes Ed Hopper found his top with End OF Violence…but check also GoodBye Lover…
    Spinotti has a great eye and Know how,thank you for you reply please keep in touch

  3. Hello! Great text! Very nice! I am currently doing a research on the relations between painting and cinema and I would like to quote Mann (the audio above) on my text… Do you know the source of this interview? Thank you!

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