Jesus, I haven’t posted anything since March. And now I’m going on holiday for two months. Shameful shit. I’m sorry reader. I’ll be back with the vengeance of a cat o’ nine tails, so help me God.

I’ll post like 200 travel snaps, how does that sound? I’ll stand by some castles and maybe some bridges. A picture of me looking tired at the airport. Some clouds and the wing of the plane. You’ll go nuts, believe me. In the mean time read my friends blogs. Those diligent bastards.

I know! Re-watch The Wire and then when I get back we can talk about how much stuff we missed the first time round. We can talk about Randy and that scene, you know the one I mean.

If they have the internet in Europe (still not sure if they do) I may even post something. Maybe a picture of me and Terence Stamp. Love that guy.

Anyways, see you when the Delorean hits 88.


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