I Listen to Music!

Hey. Have you guys heard of music?

Well not only have I heard of music, I can actually confirm that I have heard music.

And now, through the power of the infonet you can see what music I have heard. And when I heard it. How bout that?

Lastfm is a rad program that you can download. Once installed the audioscrobbler takes note of all the music you listen to, not only on your computer but even on your ipod! It then gives you charts and stats and the like showing you what you have listened to.

I’m posting this because I recently signed up for a new lastfm account which you can follow here. I got a new one after my girlfriends sister plugged in her ipod one time making ‘Sex on Fire’ my favourite song by a whopping 300 plays.

Lately, as you can see, I’ve been pumping my fist to ‘Tao of the Dead’ by …And You Will Know Us By The Trail of the Dead (check out the cover!) and ‘Age of Adz’ by Sufjan Stevens whose show in Wellington last week was one of the best I’ve ever been to.

So now you can see that I’m a cool guy that knows about music as well as movies. Next I’m gonna check out books. I might even read one. Maybe.


One thought on “I Listen to Music!”

  1. It’s very convenient that you Blogged today. I was humming and haaaing over whether I should venture into the world of Blog.

    But I think I am going to – will let you know once I’m live.

    Like you said, it keeps you writing

    Here Here.

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