Blanking: The Unseen Art

Hey friends!

A wee while ago me and my pals entered New Zealand’s V48 Hours film competition. For the uninitiated, this is a competition where you are given 48 hours to make a 1-7 minute film. Each film must be made in a certain genre that is drawn by each team (out of a possible 12). It must also include a certain prop, a line of dialogue, a character and as of last year a certain technical feature. This year our film had to fit the following guidelines.

  • GENRE: We drew ‘Fad Film’ the example being ‘Planking’ which is very popular these crazy days.
  • PROP: A bent piece of wire.
  • CHARACTER: Bobby Young (an Ex-Bully)
  • TECHNICAL FEATURE: A freeze-frame ending (à la The 400 Blows)

The result was Blanking: The Unseen Art which you can view below.

Blanking was pretty well received. My mum laughed which was a big plus. And we didn’t hate watching it which was a big plus. We also got through to the Wellington Finals which was completely unexpected. There, we got nominated for ‘Best Script’ which was pretty funny because Blanking was largely improvised (although improvisation is still scripting in a sense, aye John Downie?). The lovely Stella Reid was also nominated for ‘Best Actress’ which was very well deserved I thought. Best of all though was having Graeme Tuckett tell us he loved our film and also having the guys who made Fistfull of Crime say they liked it too. You should watch their utterly insane and wonderful movie below.

Funnily enough a fellow Whanganui team ‘The Couch Kumaras’ made up of some rad high-school guys took out the Wellington Finals and, in my opinion, were robbed at the National Final. You should also check out their beautifully shot film Sketch, winner of way too many awards to list here.

Anyways please enjoy ours too. Please.

*Also please note this is a slightly altered version. The film itself is still exactly the same, I just re-did the credits so we could thank everyone that was involved. I did however forget to thank my buddy Tyrone Ohia who was ‘Typography Advisor’.


4 thoughts on “Blanking: The Unseen Art”

  1. Love your work man, keep it up, also we wanna have you in our films in the future if you’re up for it! Really cool blog by the way, might have to start one of my own…

  2. Hey thanks for the mention Costas! Was reading through your website and ended up finding this, wish I had found it earlier. Just a brief of praise, I really like the look of the “small town things” short. The location, Time of Day etc all look superb and the acting is very natural. Keep up the Splendid work 🙂

  3. Hey thanks gents! Couch Kumara’s site is rad, I really like the ‘mildly bad weather’ vid it’s neat. Thanks for the ‘Small Town Things’ love, it’s a scene from a longer script I shot a few pieces of. Word!

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